Showing Your Mini Horse

Doing the Paperwork- you will need:
•Miniature horse
•Breeding documents
•Registration papers
•Show registration forms

Having the best confirmation and
qualities in your miniature horse makes
all the difference in the ring.

Presenting your miniature horse to the judge:
When showing your mini, your goal is to keep the judge’s attention on your horse, and to reduce the
time you are between the judge and your mini.
1) When leading your horse, always lead from the left side.
2) When leading, your shoulder should be even with your horse’s throat latch. You should not be pulling
your horse, or being pulled by your horse.
3) Your right hand holds the lead below the snap or chain of the lead, and the tail of your lead is
coiled in your left hand in a figure-8. (Never wrap the lead around your hand)
4) Your hands are generally held at waist height.
5) You should be beside your horse, not touching or rubbing your horse when leading.
6) Keep your eyes on the judge. When you are on the move, you should watch where you are going, but
every 3 or 4 steps, look at the judge.
7) When asked to line up, make sure there is at least one-horse length between you and the next
horse. You should always have at least a horse length between you and the next horse when you are in
the arena.

This is important when the line stops… make sure you don’t crowd the horse in front of you. Watch
for red-ribbons. Horses wearing a red-ribbon in there tail are prone to kicking. When you are on the
move, you should watch where you are going, but every 3 or 4 steps, look at the judge.

8) Stop your horse so that his nose is even with the horses in line before you.
9) When stopped, set up or “square” your horse’s feet. Then look for the judge.
10) If the judge is on the right side of your horse, you should be on the left. If the judge is on the
left side, you should step around the nose to the right side of your horse.
11) Patterns are very common in Shows. Be prepared to back, trot, turn on the hind legs or answer
questions about your mini.

Grooming Your Mini for a Show
It is recommended that you have an adult or experienced horseman help you fit your mini if you have
not done this in the past. It is always a good safety rule, to have another person with you when you
working around your horse. For best results on show day, practice several times before the show.

1) Bathe your horse before the show using an animal friendly product. You can purchase a shampoo
intended for livestock or horses at your local feed store.

2) After your mini is dry, you need to clip various spots. Make sure you plan your washing to leave
plenty of time for drying and clipping.

3) Clip all of the following:
a. Ears
b. Bridle Path
c. Fetlocks
d. Muzzle
e. Jaw
f. Other long hair
g. Optional is a full body clip

4) Include grooming of the Mane and tail:
a. Comb out all snarls
b. Can braid both to keep clean until show.
c. Braiding the mane can help train it to the side
d. Braids are not allowed in the show ring

5) Hooves
a. Well cleaned of any manure and mud
b. Hooves should be properly trimmed
c. Hoof polish is option; clear on striped or light colored hooves, black on dark hooves
d. Hoof polish should be applied just prior to entering the ring for show (leave enough time for it to

6) Cleanliness is essential in showmanship. It is more important to have an impeccably clean horse
than a fancy halter or hoof polish.
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