Lameness in Your Mini Horse

Lameness is an area where skipping good veterinary diagnosis and expensive diagnostic procedures
can be a mistake. Always insist on nerve blocks, even when you, or even your vet, think you're sure
of what the problem is.

Abnormal findings on radiographs don't necessarily correlate with pain. There are also many causes
of pain that don't show up on a radiograph. Radiographs should only be done after the painful area
has been localized by correct nerve blocks. Countless horses have injections, shoeing changes and
other therapies that don't work because the problem was never diagnosed.

Speaking of lameness, a common cause is trying to cut corners on farrier visits. The horse's
considerable weight is balanced on a very small surface area. The system works amazingly well if
you think about it, but it won't for long if you skimp on foot care. Save here by pulling shoes when
the horse isn't being worked, or using boots instead of shoes, but don't stretch out the trim
interval. Hoof or joint problems caused by neglect are expensive. They're also 100% preventable.
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