Caring For Your Mini Horse

Miniature horses need less room. A yard
will do for one mini-horse. One acre of
grass pasture is adequate to feed two
or three miniature horses and grass is
considered by most veterinarians to be the
best food for them.

Access to plenty of grass keeps the
mini-horse's digestive system flowing
(looser stools), and prevents various
digestive illnesses.

Miniature horses are hardy and adaptable, but they do experience a few health issues mostly
because of their small size.  

They are more likely to founder, develop colic and suffer from toxic weeds or foreign objects
they may find in the pasture and injest.

Regular vaccinations against equine diseases, deworming, careful attention to feeding
requirements and issues will keep your miniature horses happy and healthy.
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Feeding your miniature horse on pasture or
backyard grass is recommended by most
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