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A Healthy Mini
Horse Barn
Why Have A Barn?
Miniature horses are very
hardy, but they thrive when
they are placed in a pasture
or large yard, have a good
barn, plenty of sunshine and a
place to run. Your miniature
horse barn will keep him
healthy and disease free. SHOP OUR MINI BARN KITS

Our Sturdy Miniature Horse Barn Kits Make Wonderful Barns
We Offer Various Sizes: 8'X8'X6'--- 6'X6'X6'--- 4'X6'X'6
For Ease Of Cleaning All Mini Horse Barns Are 6 Ft. Tall
All Come Painted and Decorated With Roofing and Hardware
Want a Green or
Blue Mini Horse
Barn? Send us a
message before
you order.
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We offer completely finished
miniature horse barn kits.
Merely connect the corners,
set the roof on and place
provided screws into plates.
Each adorable mini horse barn
comes painted and decorated
with high quality roofing
already installed.

What is a Healthy Barn?
A healthy mini horse barn is
made to vent harmful
ammonia fumes that naturally
occur in all barn environments.
Living close to the floor, your
mini horse is more susceptible
to ammonia-caused
respiratory diseases.

Your mini horse will love the
comfort of a cute, healthy
miniature horse barn to call
their own or share with
friends. Like other loved pets
and livestock, they need to
find refuge from cold winds
and rain.

With comfort and warmth in
the winter, your miniature
horse will have less stress.
This will provide more
resistance to all the bacteria
and viruses around him. A
miniature horse barn is a
"must have" item.
We sell these colorful healthy mini horse barns in easily assembled
kits, already painted (choose a color), and decorated with miniature
horse images. The windows are painted and in place and doors
attached. The walls are fully built and painted with the corners
connected. The roof is covered with high quality 10 year roofing.
Everything is ready. All you have to do is level the ground, then
fasten the sections and roof together. Your precious mini has a safe
miniature horse barn.

This miniature horse barn is built with your mini's comfort and
health in mind. Because miniature horses are lower to the ground,  
they are more affected by airflow than larger horses. An open, airy
warm mini horse barn is essential in maintaining them in good health.
We have installed windows on all sides except the back of the barn.
Each window can be closed when bad weather is expected and when
the weather is nice, each miniature horse barn has dutch doors,
giving him a great view!

Can't Afford to Purchase a Mini Horse Barn?

Build your own using one of our barn plans:

Click for the .pdf